Professor Bruce has taken part in a number of TV and radio programmes. These include ITV's Tonight - Electric Cars Are We Ready?, BBC Radio 4's Inside Science and Robert Llewellyn's Fully Charged. You can watch/listen to some of his appearances below.

Listen to Prof. Bruce talking BBC Radio 4's Sliced Bread.

Listen to Prof. Bruce talk about batteries on BBC Radio 4's All consuming.

Watch Prof. Bruce talk about the UK battery industry, new technologies and the importance of research in this video from SkyNews.

Listen to Prof. Bruce talk about the challenges of improving batteries for electric vehicles on BBC Radio 4's Inside Science. The battery discussion starts at 21:33.

Watch Prof. Bruce discuss our research and the future of batteries in this interview with Robert Llewellyn for the YouTube channel Fully Charged.

Watch Prof. Bruce discuss energy storage at the opening of the Faraday Institution's HQ at the Harwell Campus EnergyTec Cluster